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    SAP S/4HANA: Turning Data into Real-Time Strategic Decisions

    This advanced technology platform accelerates real-time data processing, empowering organizations to make agile and informed decisions. With SAP S/4HANA, integrating complex data becomes intuitive, providing valuable insights to drive growth and operational efficiency. Moreover, its flexible and scalable architecture adapts to the constantly evolving needs of businesses. By adopting S/4HANA, you're investing in a future of smarter and more resilient business, where agility and innovation are key to success. Explore the possibilities with S/4HANA and transform how your company operates and thrives.


    Explore the universe of SAP solutions, from empowering business data and strengthening the supply chain to revolutionizing human resources management and enhancing data analysis. Discover how SAP innovation is transforming the way companies operate and make decisions.


    Empowering business data

    • The SAP HANA Cloud is a modern DBaaS (Database as a Service) supporting cutting-edge applications and analytical functions, encompassing all enterprise data.

    Scalable Analytical Efficiency

    • Enables scaling of data and analytical functions on a large scale within a single platform.
    • Allows simultaneous transactions and analysis without data duplication.
    • Capability to create and run high-performance transactional applications.

    Development of Intelligent Applications

    • Incorporates data science and Machine Learning to enhance business processes.
    • Organizes various types of information into a unified database.
    • Optimizes data management with integrated multi-layered storage.
    • Provides reliable in-memory performance to process essential data at high speeds, ensuring data privacy for sensitive information.
    Supply Chain

    Transforming the Supply Chain: Resilience and Sustainability

    • Get adapted to supply chain changes to mitigate risks and pull sustainable growth.
    • Develop sustainable and recyclable products, promoting innovation through the integration of systems and processes.

    Sustainable Planning and Ethical Supply Chain

    • Create agile, market-oriented plans with visibility, collaboration, and intelligence in the supply chain.
    • Optimize production, minimizing waste and environmental impact through technologies like AI and IoT.

    Efficient and Sustainable Operations in the Supply Chain

    • Carry out logistics and supply chain management processes effectively, with low carbon impact, focusing on safety and energy efficiency.
    • Establish a resilient supply chain, connecting processes, contextualizing decisions, and collaborating within the partner ecosystem.
    Human Resources (HCM)

    Humanized Human Capital Management

    • Understanding employees' needs, work methods, and motivations.
    • Individual empowerment through cloud-based HR software.
    • Personalized experiences for a more productive and satisfying work environment.

    Revolutionizing Management with SAP SuccessFactors HCM

    • Using AI to put people at the center of operations.
    • Talent intelligence for more effective mobility.
    • Automating compliance for greater assurance amidst constantly changing regulations.

    Maximizing Collaborative Efficiency

    • Team dynamism in new forms of work.
    • Integration of work technologies into workflow.
    • Offering a growth portfolio to drive new opportunities.

    Empowering Data Analysis with SAP

    • SAP Analytics Cloud offers advanced data visualization, transforming complexity into actionable insights for informed decisions.
    • Agile Business Intelligence provides real-time analysis, allowing quick adaptation to market changes with instant and personalized information.
    • Accurate predictions with Machine Learning anticipate future trends and demands, facilitating confident strategic decisions.

    Connecting and unifying data for holistic analysis

    • The ability to integrate and unify data from various sources, providing a comprehensive and integrated view of relevant company information.

    Collaboration and sharing of insights

    • Enabling real-time collaboration and sharing of reports and dashboards, fostering collaborative and informed decision-making with the team.
    SAP Business Technology Platform

    Unlock Innovation with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

    Discover SAP BTP, the essential foundation to drive digital transformation in your company. SAP BTP enables you to streamline system integration and extend your solutions in a personalized manner. Create unique applications, connect data from multiple sources, and deliver a superior user experience.

    Moreover, SAP BTP supports intelligent automation, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks with SAP's Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. This frees up your team to focus on strategic and creative tasks.

    How do we enhance your business strategy?

    Aligning your strategy with processes, technologies, and infrastructure, Engine adopts a business model aimed at maximizing your operations, delivering SAP solutions to address each challenge.


    With a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy services and project implementation for SAP solutions, we provide consultative projects encompassing feasibility analysis, implementation, process redesign, and ERP alignment diagnostics to your business, ensuring higher professional maturity.


    Your company will be free from the complexity of adopting an enterprise management system, enjoying the best ERP in the market without concerns about licensing, upgrades, maintenance, implementation, investments in hardware, software, network, physical space, data center, security, among other aspects.


    We have extensive know-how, proven by the PCoE certification (Partner Center of Expertise), granting us the title of Center of Excellence in product knowledge, with appropriate procedures and standards fully aligned with SAP requirements. This helps maintain a high standard for your company.


    Our training programs are designed to prepare professionals to make the most of SAP solutions in the Cloud, driving intelligent transformation within their organizations. Learn to master the tools and strategies necessary for business success.

    Why Choose Engine?

    Engine has a proven track record of helping companies achieve their goals and overcome technological challenges, acting as a true trusted advisor in implementing innovative solutions. We do this through:

    Multidisciplinary Team

    Multidisciplinary Team

    Specialized Knowledge

    Specialized Knowledge

    Source Ownership Session

    Source Ownership Session

    Project Management and PMO

    Project Management and PMO

    Own APIs and Sources Bank

    Own APIs and Sources Bank

    Agile Methods

    Agile Methods

    Assured Quality

    Assured Quality

    Processes and Procedures

    Processes and Procedures

    What customers say about Engine

    Jaqueline Vasconcellos - Lola Cosmetics

    "In the first full year of using the system, the company recorded a 30% increase in sales, followed by an impressive 56% increase last year. The system implementation, which took about six months, brought significant benefits. The company can now present consolidated results up to 20 days faster, track actual costs of products produced by the cost center, and optimize processes such as purchasing, goods receipt, supplier payment, and inventory management."

    Jaqueline Vasconcellos

    Administrative and Financial Director l Lola Cosmetics

    Joab Brito - Mondial

    "We are leading a digital revolution in Mondial's processes, an organizational structure change. In addition to the significant challenge of operationalizing the implementation, we face a significant cultural change involving the entire team. We haven't had a single day of loss; we continue to generate revenue, dispatch, and produce at 100% of our capacity, and we've even set a record for January's revenue."

    Joab Brito

    Head of IT | Mondial


    “We were able to establish a much more robust governance. I can deliver reports and data to the board overnight.”

    Paula Bonadia

    Chief Administrative and Financial Officer of Petroplus

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